2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68 Price and Review

Hardly bigger, but a lot smarter than its predecessor, the new 2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68 is aimed at a young target group. What can the little one, which is also available with a large folding roof? It is time to say goodbye and perhaps realize that you no longer belongs to the primary target group of the Citroen C1. For a slot for music CDs in vain in the audio system of the new small Citroen. Far below the radio, before the two cup holders, are found rather a USB and AUX port for interfacing external music players that have long life for younger drivers as the main target group.

2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68-front


1.2-liter version for only 500 € extra charge. But the throaty high revving one liter is a little lethargic soon after starting, acceleration and elasticity he knows only by hearsay. Once the hint of a gradient comes into view, it is called the Citroen C1 down to a lower gear (which is not a problem because of the good circuit) and let the engine running, what also likes to do with cheerful crows. Who lives in the mountains, is well advised to order the alternative offered 1.2-liter with 82 hp, especially since the only 500 € extra charge and cost is nominal and the one-liter to 4.3 liters Super per 100 km satisfied. However, our test consumption was almost two liters above this value.

2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68-engine

Citroën C1 Interior and Exteriror

this Citroen C1, which is the little splash of color. Conspicuous by red on the outside mirrors and the large folding roof, the light can be widely opening into the interior. The latter is processed properly and looks forward at least at most in the smallest width car-like. Enough room for long legs is definitely here, the seats with integrated head restraints are likely to support the back, however, a little more determined. But with barely 3.50 meters length sees the Citroën C1 his territory even in the city and on shorter routes. Since the range 69 hp his small three cylinder, which was compared to the previous model in many ways revised and brought up to greater thrift, from basically.

2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68-side

Four three-point belts and head restraints indicate four four-seater models but that is only true if the riders are on the back seat of primary school age. Plenty of headroom, there is not in the 2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68 namely. In addition, the home falls through the rear doors (450 euros charge) from troublesome because they are very narrow and not get overly wide open. Something is also achievable over a high sill trunk with 196 liters volume. But a miracle of space can not be expected to 3.46 meters in length also. Rather a nice little one that fits into almost any parking space and is not without charm.

2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68-trunk

The shows of the new 2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68 despite the tired motor and swelling at higher speeds road noise well, because he’s made ​​smart, easy to use and with ordinary shelves practical. The revised chassis with the lighter to four kg rear axle, modified spring and damper tuning, a new front axle layout and adapted stabilizer provides good not to suspension comfort and is also a good sport when it comes to the corners nimbly times. This requires only the smooth, little real emotion steering acclimatization, because much of what happened between tire and road, they are not reported.

2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68-interior

Also bissigere brakes is something you would want at the Citroen C1, because more than 40 meters stopping distance from 100 km / h. Wider tires could help there, but are missing from the list of options. This diversity provides otherwise: from digital radio reception from rear view camera and climate control through to mobile phone connectivity including mirroring the user interface on a large touch screen. This also allows the manage music stored in the phone and listen. It is really tight for the good old compact disc. This “Connecting Box” costs in the cheaper versions extra, but is driven Air-scape Feel Edition as standard, bad on board as Bluetooth hands-free telephony, the related steering wheel remote control, air conditioning, electric windows, radio central locking and the small tachometer next to the large, anti-reflection speedometer.

2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68-rear

Price of 2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68

2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68 will have a price at 13,200, for some additional equipment you need to pay some extra.

2015 Citroen C1 VTi 68-two of them

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