2015 Opel Adam Rocks Price and Review

Opel is currently so trendy that it does it almost painful. The culprit is the 2015 Opel Adam Rocks, the hops broadcasts in countless top cool color combinations by stylish cities, graffiti warehouses or “Germanys Next Topmodel”. The success proves Opel law. The Adam has captured market share in the highly competitive A-segment over 10 percent. In addition, more than 50 percent of the customers before Adam drove another brand. Since cheered not only the marketing department. Whoever thought that hip urbanity of the small trunk would not be increased, the better of it now but taught: Say hello to the new Adam Rocks.

2015 Opel Adam Rocks-front

2015 Opel Adam Rocks-front

Even more Individuality, more Design

The Adam Rocks fills a niche in the pretty department the fashionable premium city car. According to Opel the Rocks is a three-door urban mini-crossover with open-air feeling. As you can imagine, he is in this segment – at least currently – without competition. There are now more colors, color combinations, rims colors, interior colors, interior mirror colors, seat colors, wheel colors and even colors for the key. To demonstrate the mad spectrum of individuality, Opel drove at the launch event equal to 40 driving Adam Rocks through Riga in Latvia, none of which looked like the other.

2015 Opel Adam Rocks-side

Let the whole marketing fuss away (Opel speaks of the unshaven, male, muscular version of Adam) and focus on the hard facts, we, however, quickly realized that it was basically dealing with a normal small car, the you have plenty of plastic glued to the skirts and fenders. In addition, he is 15 millimeters higher. That takes at least a slight lanes terror. All-wheel drive, however, you are looking in vain. The off-road park of Adam Rocks is rather then the city.

New Opel Adam Rocks Exterior

When driving behavior, there is not much that the Adam Rocks apart from other cars in its class. His drives is not spectacular, but makes in almost all respects a very ordinary and adult figure. Apart from the slight lift kit Opel has also aligned the springs, dampers and stabilizers new (and supposedly softer). The handling has not harmed. Although some polynuclear designed steering (according to Opel that was a wish of many Adam-customers) could still give a little more sense, but the 2015 Opel Adam Rocks likes to go into the corner and has more than enough grip, which is also attributable to the slightly wider track. The extremely 18-inch model are therefore was not necessarily the first choice. Whether the Rocks with the standard 17-inches springs smoother.

2015 Opel Adam Rocks-rear


Especially excited we were on the new 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo. About 200 engineers tinkered more than three and a half years in the unit, which celebrates its premiere at the Rocks. In the new Corsa, the small turbo will come into play shortly. In its strongest form, the engine delivers 115 horsepower and 170 Newton meters. In 2015 Opel Adam Rocks combining a zero-to-100-km / h time of less than ten seconds with an average fuel consumption of 5.1 liters. That sounds more than reasonable. By far more impressive but are the manners of these three brand new pots.

2015 Opel Adam Rocks-engine

The drive is silky smooth and whisper quiet in all situations. If we ran it a little harder, there is the typical angry and somewhat rebellious three-cylinder rumble, but that happens more subdued and quite melodious. The throttle response could be a little crisper, but already at 2,000 rpm there’s plenty of torque and corresponding relined propulsion. The new and accurate to use six-speed gearbox is translated quite short with the top model, the power delivery still looks very harmonious, smooth and very usable. Compared with Ford’s EcoBoost three-cylinder lacks a bit of revving in the last third, however, probably does not really care most drivers. Finally, it is likely that you have a Adam Rocks rather less to not get on a racing or alpine pass route to face (at least we hope so).

2015 Opel Adam Rocks-above

2015 Opel Adam Rocks Prices Options

All in all runs of the 2015 Opel Adam Rocks so far less polarizing than he looks. Do you discuss it over the interior. Rocks of the pulpit is very clean, high quality and amazingly fashionable, also running all the connectivity history with navigation app and Co. amazingly supple, but even for a 3.75 meter midget, go here for darn close. This also applies to the arg small front seats. So at the end of the day it comes as so often on the personal taste. The new three-cylinder turbo gets us a resounding yes, the Rocks itself, we would definitely recommend to get the slide rule from the basement.

2015 Opel Adam Rocks-interior

The entry-level version with 70 hp will cost 15,990 euros namely at least. These are 4,240 euros more than the normal Adam – for a car that can not really more. With the 115 hp one-liter turbocharged gasoline engine on board the Rocks is a little better off. 18,790 euro are facing the 16,450 euro for the standard Adam here. By comparison, the Mini One with 102-hp three-cylinder turbo in the best case at 17,450 Euros, the 120 bhp Citroen DS3 costs at least 18,690 euros.

2015 Opel Adam Rocks-dash

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