2015 Toyota Aygo Price and Review

To be noticed, be remembered, unique look… It is a designer’s dream car. Not easy to be observed in the three and inch long toy car, and with so big competition. Nabu Nakamura, chief designer of the new 2015 Toyota Aygo is a key man for this stylish look of Toyota’s.

2015 Toyota Aygo-front

They want to make a very striking phrase, and started from the front part.The letter X is a graphical template and the center around which will spread all over the nose of the car. The question was, therefore, the question of what that customer makes happy when after a few days, see your car in the parking lot.


Originality? Appearance? That is how the concept of exchangeable masks, which can be changed layout and colors, but as we mention X elements, as well as strips on the front and rear bumper, plus the appearance of wheels. Should be added to the list of variations to the control panel, transmission, multimedia display, upholstery and much more.
To start, though, there are four trim levels, three basic versions, and three special versions, then two packets of internal and external equipment … Enough? There’s more, but that is not complicated – it is important that all this is packed into a new body, which is slightly longer than its predecessor (25 millimeters) and lower (half an inch), with an expanded range of wheels for eight millimeters, which would needed to improve stability. Trunk: 168 l.

2015 Toyota Aygo-side


And there is a lot of work. Again will give you maximum freedom in choosing elements on the front of the board, shifters with and without decorative elements with a large LCD screen as a command and control center for music, telephone and navigation. Ten millimeters more space was found for the travelers. The driver got the possibility to adjust the seat height, the position of the steering wheel (which is more beautiful and better, with the option of commands) has been further promoted and, finally, the trunk was increased to thirty gallons and you can now locate two suitcases and a trifle to the full capacity of 168 liters.

2015 Toyota Aygo-interior

Cab new 2015 Toyota Aygo is now more beautiful, maybe a little more “serious”, certainly more comfortable, and most importantly is that you can customize and paint (some details) their favorite colors. Perhaps the greatest novelty of multimedia screens (known officially X-Touch, a seven-inch diagonal) is the ability to connect with smart phone – by the time you get many applications from your phone directly on the large display, from FB to navigation. Options X-Touch are exploited and to set the camera on the rear, and thus reverse and parking are facilitated, for the first time in this vehicle class. This is what is seen.

2015 Toyota Aygo-seats

New Toyota Aygo Engine

The engine is, as they say – optimized … 2015 Toyota Aygo, prepared for the new, for now, only one engine, three-cylinder gasoline volume of one liter. It originates from the petrol that is until now built into a small Toyota, but it is so changed that it can be said that it is completely new. During reconstruction, the main idea was to maximize the efficiency of the work, which resulted in lower consumption and emissions of harmful gases, while increasing strength. Amendment compression space has led to an increase in compression ratio to 11.5: the first Otherwise the spark plug, intake valves and manifold, as well as a system for variable control of valve, thus improving combustion mixture. Thus, the achieved thermal efficiency of 37 percent, which is the best in the class.

2015 Toyota Aygo-engine

Processing ex-ousting-pipe gas-charge is optimized EGR system, as well as a catalyst volume of 0.7 liters, which quickly achieved operating temperature. Toyota Aygo: volume 998 while the engine power was increased to 69 hp at 6,000 r / min and maximum torque of 95 Nm is delivered at 4,300 r / min. The elasticity testifies the fact that at 2,000 r / min available 85 newton-meters. And agility is better, different. The car is plausible, has faster start easier reaches sufficient acceleration and full cruising speed.

2015 Toyota Aygo-rear

2015 Toyota Aygo Price and Release Date

The biggest advantage we have is the Aygo city driving. Easy realignment, energetic acceleration from traffic light to traffic light, good visibility (except partially through the glass of the back door) and low power consumption make this an interesting toy car, a leader of a new generation of small cars.The starting price for the base 2015 Toyota Aygo with three doors, the equipment package X, is 8,490 Euros which is about $ 11,000.

2015 Toyota Aygo-more of them

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