2016 Mercedes E Class Concept, Rumors and Price

Since its inception in to the auto making market, this German car maker has created a reputation that only a handful have been able to live up to in creating high quality and luxurious cars. It is only fair that with such a reputation that every car that this company produces comes under heavy scrutiny not to mention the interest that these models elicit.

2016 Mercedes E Class-front side

This case also applies to the 2016 Mercedes E Class which is eliciting quite a bit more than would be expected but that could be the case given that Mercedes is finally getting a run for its money from other competitors that are finally getting aboard the luxury car making industry. Many people are interested in seeing what Mercedes is doing to ward off the competition.

2016 Mercedes E Class-rear side

2016 E Class Engine

The 2016 Mercedes E Class has a 3.5 liter V6 engine that has the ability to push out a maximum of 302 horsepower and 273 pounds per ft. of torque. This is coupled to a 7 speed automatic transmission system. As you would expect with Mercedes, the interest is usually not so much on the engine but on the interior where all the magic lies and it is safe to say that as you’re about to see this model does not disappoint either.

2016 Mercedes E Class-side


The interior of the 2016 Mercedes E Class is exquisitely finished to give the most luxurious feel with the seated fitted with soft leather and an efficient electric heating system that will see some of the air vents put to the sides for the comfort of the passengers. The car will also have two full size colored monitors to make operations easier as well as a navigation system that is able to guide the driver with the use of real images and a one of a kind window tint that can be turned on and off for privacy which is something that might not be seen in any of the other models that are being released by the other competitors. Talk of trend setting technology. Mercedes has it all.

2016 Mercedes E Class-front

Future Mercedes E Class Exterior

To be able to keep up with the performance of the engine, the car has been aerodynamically designed on the exterior with the typical Mercedes grille and emblem retaining their frontal position with some additional creases to make the car more attractive. The head lights have LED accents which have become quite common and it is worth noting that given that this car maker does not compromise on quality, the car will not be made from any light materials.

2016 Mercedes E Class-rear

2016 Mercedes E Class Price and Release Date

The car is slated to be released later in 2015 but it is not certain when it will be ready for sale. However, it may come as reprieve considering that the price of the 2016 Mercedes E Class is a bit more certain than the release date. The base price of the car is expected to be around $54,000 to around $66,000 depending on the trim that one chooses.

2016 Mercedes E Class-side rear

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